Banking & Finance

In the current digital world, every transaction is happening on mobile, PoS & online. It becomes important to use new-age technologies like AI, ML & Data driven insights to provide streamlined processes, better personalised experience, & reduction in risk and improving ROI.

Integrate. Re-defined. Streamlined. Experience

Customer KYC, Video KYC to credit risk scoring, automation & compliance processes.

Video KYC, eKYC & On-boarding

e-KYC & Video KYC

Instantly on-board customers for account opening, credit cards, mutual funds, lending and more.

Risk, Fraud & Credit Scoring

Credit underwriting, profiling & fraud

Using alternative data to build credit scoring for lending, credit cards. In-depth analysis for fraud & risk.

Video Branches, PoS & Digitisation

video sales, OCR, agents productivity

Video based virtual branches for support & services. Document digitisation & digital operations.

Lets build next-gen banking, financials, lending, credit cards & payments related products that redefines processes, cost & experience.

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