CX360- Customer Profiling & Intelligence Platform

CX360 is an AI Driven customer intelligence platform that allows customer to manage their policies, families, wellness, claims history, transactions, personalised offers & products, preventive healthcare, dashboard, loyalty rewards and payments, reminders.

Understanding customer in-depth.

Customer Intelligence

Power of Genomics & Psychology for 360 Degree in-depth insights and automated intelligence. Explore Science in Businesses.

Untapping the possibilities for the upcoming future. Builds in-depth connected intelligent data mapping with science focused learning for delivering the most efficient personalization and decision making for products, consumers & industries a without any data and technology hassle. CX360 is proprietary unique life-science based technology that is used for creating millions of similar personas for products, attributes, consumers and interactions for better personalized recommendation and decision making in real time and for future.

Discover hidden insights from data.

Activities & Insights

Artivatic’s CX360 technology is built based on genomics & 16PF (Psychology) focused pattern capabilities to understand in-depth interactions, historical data, social data, business data, public data, search & discovery data and devices data in 360 degree to build futuristic insights and help in decision making. Complex genomics based intelligent connected data structure for un-tapped insights and possibilities. Genomics Science and Psychology focused core technology for building intelligent systems Pattern Building for future Intelligent connected attributes Statistics enabled Mapping Futuristic Behavioural Analytics

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Digital Sense

  • Email ID or relevant information is used to gather various information from multiple public networks
  • Building in-depth profiling using multiple data sources for assessing claims in right way
  • Seamless digital profiling system with different activities
  • Data is fetched from public sources to fill information and insights for predicting quote
Enhance customer intelligence and profiling to provide better products, offers & marketing.

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