API Platform

Lets build businesses solutions step by step.
100+ APIs to choose from to enhance your existing solutions as well as build new solutions.
  • Claims Automation APIs
  • Premium Pricing APIs
  • Image Recognition APIs
  • Mortality APIs
  • On-Boarding APIs
  • KYC, Face, Signature APIs
  • Handwritten Documents APIs
  • Micro Insurance APIs
  • Health Fraud APIs
  • Location Health APIs
  • Early Health Claims APIs
  • MER, Tele MER APIs
  • Video Based Underwriting APIs
  • Non-Invasive Health APIs
  • Claims Denial APIs
  • Post-Discharge APIs
  • Gender Prediction via Photo /Social /Video
  • Sanitation based Predict Health
  • Weather based Disease Prediction
  • Health Scoring APIs
  • Health Risk APIs
  • Environmental Health APIs
  • Fitness Scoring APIs
  • Health Analysis APIs
  • Epidemic Indicator Risk APIs
  • Medical Documents Reading APIs
  • Patient Advisory APIs
  • ECG, Diagnostic extraction APIs
  • Combined Health Scoring
  • Weather Risk APIs
  • AQI (Pollution) APIs
  • Wearable Health Devices APIs
  • Urine Test Analysis API
  • Preventive Health APIs
  • Predictive Health APIs
  • Health AI Research
  • Age Prediction via Photo /Social /Video
  • BMI Prediction via Phone /Social /Video
  • Smoking Prediction using Phone /Social/Video
  • Location Health Indicators APIs
APIs are backbone for any business.

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