Risk & Fraud Detection Platform

Reduce Upto 20% Fraud. During new on-boarding, issuance as well during claims processing, businesses finds different type of fraud that makes losses for businesses. In 2018, there was US $6B fraud globally.

There are many types of fraud that happens in financial & insurance sector.

  • AI enabled platform to develop 360 profiling engine based on their behaviours, transactions, location, usages of payments methods, refund, EMI, loan, litigation, Payment, demographics, products.
  • Anonymous pattern identification using website, app or other activities Digital data streaming to build digital identity, risk behaviours, interests, activities based on login Email ID.
  • Using VISA’s real-time transnational APIs for fraud to match account, name, customer details & location
  • Automated decision system to stop the fraud and monitoring to future improvements.   

Fraud Types & Prevention

There are many types of fraud that are addressed using AI & Machine learning.

  • Customer Identity Fraud
  • Address fraud
  • Payment Fraud
  • Phishing Attacks
  • Financial Fraud
  • Claims & On-boarding Fraud
  • Documents Fraud
  • Photo, Signature Fraud
  • Payments Fraud
  • Early Claims Fraud
  • Billing & Price Fraud
  • Cyber Threats & Fraud

Instant Fraud Detection & Analysis.

Fraud Analysis Dashboard

Historical, Current & External data is used to build risk & fraud analysis using Machine Learning technology & data analysis. Fraud analysis helps to ensure claims, early claims, underwriting, documents & in businesses processes is provided to the appropriate customer in real time.

  • Risk assessment helps in analysing the genuine claims form the customer
  • Helps in risk propensity to underwriting, on-boarding, transactions & claim process
  • Fraud detection alerts
Insurance loses a lot each year due to various fraud. Artivatic is solving fraud using AI & ML.

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