Sales & Marketing Solutions

For any business to grow, sales & marketing are vital component and its needs lots of innovation & simple processes that can build ROI driven businesses with cost effectiveness.

Growing Business is important and crucial too.

Engage customers

Artivatic enables end to end platform or make it customise to business needs for campaigns, social, product offering, personalised marketing, generating sales and more.

Video Sales Tools

Selling products, policies from anywhere, anytime. Use video platform.

Email Marketing

Send personalised emails to customers that can attract better to buy products.

Personalised Products

Personalise & need based sales & marketing for policy products provides high return.

Whatsapp & Social Media

Connect via Whatsapp, Social media to interact with customers and intelligent insights.

Campaigns & Engagement

Run product or service campaigns to customers to enable reach them better & faster.

Rewards & Challenges

Provide rewards to customers, PoS & Agents to attract and keep engaging.

Mobile Apps

Engage customers via native built built mobile apps. Mobile first smart marketing & sales.

Website Platforms

Connect via browsers via Tab or Laptops to have smart marketing & sales activities.

Lets build next-gen sales & marketing tools to increase business growth & ROI.

Take the final step towards powering all your business needs.

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