Intelligent CRM & Lead Management

Managing leads and connecting with CRM is painful for many businesses. Artivatic’s tool enable managing customers, businesses and queries with easy API integration. Time for excel sheets and Papers are gone to using digital tools to enhance productivity and efficiency. Manage everything at one tap.

Connect with your customers.

Connect Intelligently.

Artivatic’s MiO tools provide end to end CRM for businesses to connect with database or add yourself. Provides all actions – video, sms, calendar, chat at single tap.

Forget excel sheets or papers for reporting. Use MiO’s custom application designed to smartly manage your leads, CRM and connect instantly.

Why choose us?

Unlimited Possibilities. Smart Working.

Instant Video Connect

Instant connect via video & chat platform to your customers & potential leads.

Insights & Dashboard

Unified intelligent insights and dashboard for KPIs & MIS & performance.

Multichannel Communication

Communicate to your customer or potential customer via SMS, Email, Whatsapp or chat.

Smart Lead Scoring

Using social, location, photo and others providing smart potential scoring.

Lets build next-gen intelligent CRM & Lead Generation, Scoring tools to increase business growth & ROI.

Take the final step towards powering all your business needs.

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