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OCR & ICR Platform

OCR & ICR Based Extraction Platform

In insurance, finance, healthcare & other businesses documents are core of their processes starting from customer on-boarding, sales, finance, bills, medical reports, forms, investigation reports, invoices, KYCs, cheque and more. These documents takes lot of time to digitise manually and hence costs to the businesses and also delay in processes. There are many human errors as well while manual data entry and also it increases fraud.

Financial Documents

Bank Statements, ITR, Form 60, Balance Sheets, Tax Documents, Invoices, Payment Documents, Salary Slips, Passbook, Credit card statements, TDS and many more.

Medical Documents

MER, Diagnostic, TeleMER, ECG, Prescription, Pre-Auth form, hospital bills, pharmacy bills, doctor consultation report, medical bills and many more

KYC & Other documents

KYC, Forms, Cheque, NACH, Identity proof, Address proof, photo proof, death certificate, police FIR, legal documents, affidavit, post-Mortimer, investigation and many more.

Invoice, forms & Bills extraction

Invoice & Bills Extraction

General platform to process all kinds of invoices like Tax Invoice, Claims Invoice, Repair Invoice etc.

•Data driven invoice processing engine to find required information for claims payment •Finding parts, amount, bills etc.

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Medical & Financial Documents Extraction

  • Financial documents & medical documents extraction with up to 97% accuracy.
  • Enables processing to be done automated
  • Medical Diagnostics, MER & Other medical historical based quick decisions analysis system

Unstructured, Handwritten Documents Extraction

Handwritten Documents Extraction

Extracting handwritten data from medical, financial, cheque, bills, NACH, forms, post mortem report, FIR and more.

Signature Detection & Matching

Signature Detection & Matching

  • Any documents while scanning or uploading if contains signature, signature will be detected
  • Detected signature will be automatically matched to Master KYC [For example PAN, Aadhar or any govt document only]
  • In case of any discrepancies in signature, automated alert is done to avoid fraud or reduce risk.
Face Recognition & Video KYC

Face Recognition, Match & Video KYC

In Realtime you can verify the face with multiple document. You can take video or selfie to detect the liveness of the user as well.

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