Customer Digital On-boarding

Artivatic enables technology for seamless customer /agent on-boarding digitally with utilising external data points for seamless customer on-boarding. Objective is to seek minimal data from customer and use Artivatic data as a substitute in current on-boarding process. These data points include KYC, identity verification, digital foot prints, etc. This on-boarding process by Artivatic also builds non-invasive health model to calculate health health related data points such as age, gender, BMI, smoking etc to provide instant on-boarding without medical test needed. Some of the expected outputs from the model: KYC Verification, Video KYC, AML Report, Risk report, Customer profiling report, a comprehensive risk score.

Why choose Artivatic?

Instant On-boarding. Financial Inclusion.

Financial Inclusion is made easier by Artivatic.

60 Second On-boarding

Instant video KYC driven onboarding.

No form filling. No scan copies.

Increase Customer conversion

Increase customer happiness.

Quick Process. Less churn.

Indiastack APIs embedded

Govt APIs driven verification.

Access to India-stack APIs.

Reduce Cost & Risk

In-depth risk & fraud insights.

No secondary check needed.

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On-boarding made easier.

Personalized products based on need and quick on-boarding using India Stack APIs.

Inbuilt OCR/ICR integration helps you to data extracted in real-time to provide real-time profile filling & verification.

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Instant connect to Govt. databases via APIs and gets you onboard in less than 60 seconds. Choose any method of on-board.

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