Data that you can trust is essential to understand decision making for better experience. Take your first step. DataQartz allows Streaming or Connect Data From Multiple Sources.

Data is the new oil.

Streamline your Data.

Artivatic’s DataQuartz has prebuilt data streaming technology from various sources with just 1 click API Integration with automated mapping system to allow businesses to quickly integrate data from multiple disparate sources and bring it onto a single source-of-truth data platform for intelligent connected data mapping.

We use integrated DataQuartz to assimilate data from social, public, devices, third party, businesses and private sources to automatically build intelligent connected data points for accurate outcomes and performance. Pre-built intelligent data streaming technology to the most popularly used systems allow extremely fast integration for connected data mapping.

Sources Data from Various sources.

Understands all kind of data bettering

Artivatic’s very own custom build service to process and collect data from different sources and the clients. DataQuartz helps in timely execution of tasks vital to Artivatic, and also collect data from different sources to enrich and enhance intelligence of our systems.

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