PIVC (Pre-Insurance Verification) & TeleMER are important processes that being done before issuance of policy to any customer. During COVID-19, this has become of more importance due to no-touch. Most of the policies are getting issued via teleMER & PIVC process. PIVC takes lot of manual efforts in verifying the audio, video of customer as consent in multiple languages.

Available in 10 Indian Languages.

Pre-Insurance Verification – Live Video & Audio via Speech Recognition

Verification of the quality of disclosures in proposal form, understanding about policy terms is a critical factor in the viability and success of the company and sales team.  The best way to achieve this is by taking prior customer consent before issuing the policy.

Primarily this used to happen by calling method i.e outbound and inbound calls. Moving towards digitization we introduced Instaverify (PIVC) which can be installed on Mobile /Tablet and verification with the customer can be done using this application.

PIVC Product
Integrate TeleMER with skilled doctors.


TeleMER is critical part of the process for Insurance companies to provide quick policy issuance. TeleMER is needed to asses the policy buyer details in terms of their health, past history and family details TeleMER process is handled by doctors on–behalf of Insurance companies

TeleMER enabling insurance businesses to reduce their cost for medical tests and also reducing time to provide insurance products quicker.

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