selects for Finance Forward India 2020 Accelerator is proud be a part of Finance Forward India 2020 accelerator for promoting financial inclusion. Finance Forward program is run by Village Capital in partnership with PayPal and Metlife.

About the Program

India’s economy is struggling. In 2019 the country saw its smallest GDP growth rate in the past decade, thanks in part to ‘shock’ moments including demonetisation, flawed implementation of GST and a credit crunch from the NBFC crisis. The coronavirus pandemic has added one more financial shock, as the country underwent an extended lockdown.

This has had a drastic effect on Indian workers, families, communities and small businesses. Finance Forward, a global collaboration for financial health led by Village Capital, MetLife Foundation, and PayPal, is looking to support startups, which are addressing the following key challenges:

Challenges faced by small and medium businesses

India’s economy is driven by its small businesses. The country’s 75 million SMEs contribute 41% to the economy and create 180 million jobs. Many of these businesses are extremely small: 97% employ fewer than four people. SMEs have struggled during the economic slowdown, and are now bearing the brunt of the recent lockdown. Over 80% of Indian businesses report cash flow issues while 60% have seen disruptions in their supply chains.

We are interested in startups building tools to help small and medium businesses with access to capital, income management, payments and help them gain new customers. 

Financial health of formal and informal workers

India has 400 million workers, and  93% of them are involved in the unorganized and informal sectors. The past two years have been particularly challenging for workers, and the lockdown is only making things more difficult. The formal workforce is facing tough times too: coronavirus could result in 136 million people facing job losses.  

We are interested in startups that are building tools around workforce planning: helping Indians find work, manage their incomes and helping companies engage with their workforce better. 

Financial Health of Households 

Household debt has surged in India in the past few years, and many families are not prepared financially for a health or other emergency, with little in the way of savings or a nest egg. Insurance penetration was 3% in 2017, which has led India to have region-high out-of-pocket costs for healthcare, especially during emergencies. 

We are interested in startups building tools to help people and families plan for their financial future, including saving tools, financial education solutions and innovative insurance solutions. 

Challenges faced by women 

62% of women in India don’t have a bank account, and women lag behind men in terms of access to financial services. Participation of women in the financial decision making process of the family tends to improve the financial security of a household, and even the country: by one estimate, participation by women in income-generating activities can add up to USD 28 trillion to India’s economy by 2025.

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Artivatic has Partnered with TeBSto Deliver Insurance Technology to APAC Customers

4th September 2020, Singapore /India- Total eBiz Solutions (TeBS) announces a partnership with Insurtech Enterprise Start-up– Artivatic.   

TeBS has partnered with Artivatic, an Insurtech platform provider to drive technology innovation, tech productivity, and platform modernization for the Financial Industry.  

“Through this strategic partnership, TeBS and Artivatic will provide disruptive solutions for our insurance & FSI customers. These industries are in the midst of profound digital transformations as  CIOs and management  are looking to take advantage of simple yet powerful platforms and tools to support digitization of both the front office and back office needs of their businesses” said Paras Chadha, Vice President – Digital Innovations, TeBS

“Artivatic is pleased to establish a strategic partnership with Total ebiz Solutions (TeBS) to further expand in APAC and mutually help maximize efficiency, accelerate outcomes and drive innovation for insurance & BFSI clients in their digital transformation journey,” said Ashwin Safaya, APAC Head- Business Strategy & Alliances, Artivatic

“Artivatic will work closely with TeBS, utilizing and leveraging their rich experience and presence in SEA/APAC enabling Digital Transformation for clients by providing cutting-edge solutions in areas of AI and Cognitive Solutions and Customer Experience platforms in the Insurance/FS space,” said Layak Singh- CEO & Founder, Artivatic

Whether driven by digital transformation or optimization and efficiency, today’s application leaders must create strategies that extend the life of legacy applications while deploying new AI-driven solutions, many of which are part of the digital business transformation journey. 

About Total eBiz Solutions 

Total eBiz Solutions’ (TeBS) mission is Enabling Digital Transformation for their clients by providing cutting-edge solutions in areas of Modern Workplace (Intranet, Collaborative Systems), Hyper Automation – Robotic Process Automation, Business Process Automation (Workflow and Digital Forms), AI and Cognitive Solutions, Customer Experience – Dynamics 365, Enterprise Mobility, and Cloud enablement. 

With 250+ technology consultants and experts, TeBS defines and delivers winning strategies for our customers by harnessing the power of digitization, through a collaborative, relationship-based approach, ensuring seamless coordination between the client’s requirements and their service delivery. 


Name: Bijjala Radhakrishna 

Title: CEO 

Company: Total eBiz Solutions 

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About Artivatic is a full stack AI & ML driven platform aimed to help insurance businesses to digitize and streamline entire value chain in insurance ecosystem right from customer acquisition, operations to driving and building engagement. 

Artivatic is transforming the insurance industry to enable 100% digital and customer driven insurance with empowering unified insurance platforms. Artivatic has built proprietary algorithms & models to change the way sales, risk, fraud to on-boarding, underwriting, issuance, collections & claims functions.  

Artivatic provides on-premise & cloud based products connected with 100+ APIs infrastructure as Plug-and-Play. 


Name: Ashwin Safaya  

Title: APAC Head – Business & Strategy  

Company: Artivatic Data Labs Pvt. Ltd. 

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